This was my 1st visit to North India. I planned on my own and rent a car with driver. It was 20 days journey, from Delhi to Kolkatta. We travel almost 2000km in total and visited 14 cities. The journey was very adventures. Follow my blog for more of my travel experience.


“India is not just a nation, it is something more, spiritually it is vibrating with certain energy fields that no other country can claim. Thousands of people have reached enlightenment and their energy still alive in this land.” Osho

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2 Responses to INDIA

  1. niksniketa says:

    I’m a fan already of your blog- especially about your visit to India! Thank you for posting awesome photos, it sure brings a smile and it feels great to be visiting the world by a click via your blog. Keep posting Mr. Mugen 🙂

    • mugenblog says:

      Hi Niksniketa,

      Thanks for your comment.
      I’m happy that you like my india post, actually india one of the best travel destination.
      I learn a lot from my travel experience in India, different language at different cities; different food at different cities; humble people to aggressive priest; and so many …. Have a good day… Cheers.

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