We continue our journey from Pushkar to Pink City, Jaipur. It is one of the golden triangle city in india and is a must visit city in North India.
Jaipur and Hawa Mahal in 1875. (Photo credit to Wikipedia).20121221-110634.jpgJaipur street and the sheep.

Moti Doongri Temple @ Lord Ganesh Temple in the city of Jaipur. 20121221-112218.jpg
This is palace, behind Ganesh temple but not open for public.20121221-112557.jpg
Snake charming.20121221-112838.jpg20121221-113024.jpg20121221-113044.jpg
Elephant ride at Amber Fort. Rs900 for each elephant (max 2 person) and carry cash in smaller denomination bills for tips to elephant rider. 20121221-120823.jpg20121221-121307.jpg20121221-121745.jpg
My lunch , Poori Bhji.20121221-121901.jpg Jai Mahal Palace in the middle of Man Sagar lake.
Hawa Mahal Palace is the most famous building in Jaipur, it has five floors that contain rows of small windows and screens, which overlooks the main street of Jaipur’s Old City.20121221-122951.jpg20121221-123202.jpg Birla Mandir temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.20121221-135505.jpg Road to Galtaji Monkey Temple.The road itself is an adventure.

20121221-135701.jpg The temples was build on the rocks with amazing architecture

Galtaji Temple was an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site. It is believed that Rishi spent all his life here and performed his meditation for 100 years.This complex consists of several temples and sacred kunds (water tanks) in which pilgrims bath.

20121221-141033.jpgThis temple is also called as monkey temple due to many tribes of monkeys that dwell in this area.

Local women at the temple.

20121221-142239.jpgWe climb a stony pathway to get to the temple on the hill. It is an isolated stretch without any tourists or outsiders.

20121221-144453.jpg Priest at one of the temple.

20121221-144622.jpg Surya Mandir @ Sun Temple.

20121221-150025.jpg Monkey in Sun Temple with view of Jaipur city on background.


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8 Responses to JAIPUR

  1. mugenblog says:

    Hi Kutu,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Have a good day… Cheers.

  2. Hi there

    Thank you for your like on my blog. Reading yours here has brought back so many great memories from my trip in October 2012.

    Best wishes, Angela

    • mugenblog says:

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your comment. Visiting India is always an unforgettable experience.. Have a good day.. Cheers.

  3. Argus says:

    I’ll always regret that I never made it to India. Great shots, I especially like the one of the monkey peering out from the Sun Temple.

    • Mugen says:

      Hi Argus,

      Thanks for your comment. I hope one day you will visit India. Wish you all the best and stay connected.. Cheers.

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