After Ayodhya and Allahabad, we arrived at Varanasi around 6pm. For Indians in Malaysia, Varanasi popularly known as Kashi. So, we arrived at Kashi, and this was the main destination in our travel plan. According to Puranas, Kashi was founded by the Lord Shiva, around 5,000 years ago, thus some call this city as House of Lord Shiva.

We wake up around 4am and we took Auto to the Ghat. We witness the amazing sunrise at Ganga River.

My brother-in-law, before taking holy bath at Ganga River. 20130315-100430.jpg
Temple at the Ghat.


Every year millions of people take holy bath at Ganga river to wash away all sins and attain moksha, but forget that only those persons who will not commit any sin after the holy bath will get Moksha.

This is main ghat in Varanasi, according to purana, lord Brahma perform Ashvamedha Yagna here. He sacrificed horses at this ghat.

After holy bath, we took boat ride along Ganga river.

Cremation ashes. All these ashes and bones will throw into Ganga river.

This is Manikarnika Ghat, the main cremation site, it is believed to host around 200 cremations in a single day.

Bathing and doing laundry in the holy water.

Bathing their buffalo.

After the boat ride, we rest for while before proceeding to Kashi Viswanathan Temple.

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5 Responses to VARANASI

  1. Kasi is not a place, it’s a spirit. It’s not a destination, but journey. You ought to be there once more. Only before you go there this time, talk about the spirit of Kasi with me and we may be able to show you the real Kasi.

  2. mugenblog says:

    Hi Rajnishmishravns,

    Thanks for your comments.
    I always wish to stay longer at Varanasi, i agree the spiritual energy are very strong in Kashi. I will contact you before arrive to Kashi. Happy to know you.. Have a good day …cheers.

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