Our next destination is Bodhgaya, the place where Gautam Buddha became enlightened. Its took 4 hours to reach Bodhgaya from Varanasi and I’m so glad that manage include Bodhgaya in my itinerary. Bodhgaya, also known as Uruvela in the Buddha’s time, and today it is located in the state of Bihar.


The great thing about India is that there’s photo opportunity around every corner.


There is so much history in this place, so many people getting together from all corners of the world to experience being close in Buddha’s land. We check-in hotel and had our lunch in one of the south indian restaurants.


My mother at the 80 feet great Buddha statue. Very impressive statue but the space inside is small.


This is Mahabodhi Temple.


Inside this temple, there is Bodhi Tree; it is believed that this tree is a direct descendant of the one under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. Many believe that bodhi tree has certain substance which no other trees has.


According to history, Buddha tried for six years continuously to know what the truth is, and it cannot be said that he left anything undone. He did everything that is humanly possible, even some things which seem humanly impossible. He did everything. Whatever was known up to his day he practiced. Whatever methods were taught to him, he became a master of them.

He went to all the gurus that existed in his time, to everyone. And whatever they could teach, he learned, he practiced. Then he left all the gurus and he invented his own methods. Continuously, for six years, he was in a struggle of life and death. He did everything that could be done. Then, at last, he was so tired of doing, so deadly tired, that one day when he was taking his evening bath in the Niranjana River near Bodhgaya, he felt so weak. At that moment he sit under a Bodhi tree.  It was a bright fullmoon night and Moksha happen. Fotor0324235156

Inside the temple.


The temple compleks is filled with people on pilgrimages and monk from all countries. Many come from Japan, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia. Some stay here for few months and meditates.

We stayed overnight at Bodhgaya.


Early morning view from my hotel room.


One of the best south indian resturant in Bodhgaya. Masala Tosai.

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    Good blog here, Mugen ! Enjoyed your labour of …

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    Wonderful travelogue of India. Thought I would jump far in and post this day from Bodhgaya. Thanks for these great pics, insights, and all the info Mugen. Namaste.

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    Looks like a great trip!

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    very nice, blog. thank you for sharing.

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