Rome was my favourite destination, it was my 3rd visited city in europe after London and Paris. The historical monuments and the history of Roman Empire attracted me to this city.

My friend and I flew from London by Ryanair, this is europe’s top budget airline and one of the cheapest way to travel within europe.

This was early morning at the airport. Our flight was around 9am, so we were in airport around 7am.

After 1.5hours we touch down at Ciampino Airport, for our surprise there was no immigration check for any flights from London airports, so no one check our passport. We book an apartment in advance and stayed for 1 weeks.

Small apartment and it was cheap compare with hotels in Rome, and we able prepare our own food. Save cost.


20130316-140014.jpg We stayed at level 4.

We explore the city on our own.

At St.Peter’s Square.

Vatican City is the smallest internationally recognized independent state. They have own army and own government. It was on wednesday and we were not aware that the Pope hold a general audience on every wednesday at this St. Peter’s Square. It was crowded but happy that can witness the audience.


At Fontaine De Trive. It was built and compeleted on 1762 years. It’s very crowded and everyone throwing coin on the fontaine. The belief is that if we toss coin from right over left shoulder, we will return to Rome.

Actually it is easy to find most of the monuments in Rome, with the road signs and a handy map.



20130316-150515.jpgThe Colosseum.

20130316-151313.jpg This is very common. Selling counterfeit products. Please don’t buy, because at custom, you could fine of almost €300,000 for caring counterfeit product. Custom officers are very strict.

1 week is just enough to explore the whole a Rome. Food is not a problem,because there is a lot of Indian restaurants here and also fast food.

Rome is safe at day time but don’t take risk at night, there is a lot of homeless and drug addicts people. Also a lot of illegal immigrant from eastern europe, so avoid local bar and red district areas.

Overall, we enjoyed and I will definitely back.

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6 Responses to ITALY – ROME

  1. almondnuts says:

    I love Rome too and I would like to go there again. Great city and great food 🙂

  2. Jill London says:

    I love Rome! I threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain so I hope I’ll be going back someday. Thanks for bringing back good memories 🙂

  3. aliciasunday says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog about living in Portugal. I love Rome too.

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