Food is not an issue in London, there are many choices from street stalls to exclusive restaurants, and compare with other cities in Europe, London is a best city for varieties of foods with reasonable price.

Tandoori chicken briyani with Masala Tea, cost £6. There are plenty of indian foods with reasonable price and normally Pakistani run restaurant and cafe in London.

Outside British Museum, Hot Dog at £2.50.

Many Pizza cafe, offer free drinks with Pizza. Anyway it’s not expensive, 2 person can share a pizza. Cost £8.

In the evening most pubs offer value meals. This cost me £9.

These are the pubs, which are out of tourist area, where they offer a good meal with beer for less than £10.


This is a pure vegetarian meal. One of the best food I ate in London.


Chicken salad. Cost £6.
There are many more varieties of food in London.

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17 Responses to LONDON – FOOD

  1. dbubble12 says:

    I agree and actually miss the array of cultures represented by food in London. Thank you for stopping by bubblemomentpages.

    • mugenblog says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree too, the foods create international culture in London. Thanks and have a good day.

  2. Shawn Flaherty says:

    Hi Mugen,

    Thanks for stopping by for a look and for the like on my blog. I appreciate it!

    Looks like some very interesting places you have gone to. Seems like you might be a foodie too, and that is part of the fun of travel!


    • mugenblog says:

      Hi Shawn, thanks for visiting my blog. Actually I’m not a food lover but sometimes I don’t missed any opportunity for good foods. Particularly in London, there are so many varieties of food with good taste. So, I always take the opportunity to test some of the foods. Thank you.. and have a good day.. Cheers.

  3. I know London well, and have tried most of the vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Where were you eating, in the photograph ? It looks good !

    Great blog. Very interesting. Good photos too. Thanks for sharing !

    • mugenblog says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Most of the restaurants were in London main tourist area, like liverpool station, Soho and so on. But the vegetarian food was at Neasden. It’s an Indian restaurant just opposite Swami Narayanan Mandir.

  4. Penne Cole says:

    Perfect for my cheap eats section – would you mind if I reblogged it?

  5. Great post….I love how you mention the price of each food item…it makes traveling on a budget seem much easier and doable. Your blog truly inspires one to travel around and go see the world!

    • Mugen says:

      Hi Chocolate,

      Thanks for your comment and appreciation… I believe, travelling will make us to appreciate our earth.. Have a good days and stay connected… Cheers…

  6. RDoug says:

    I’ve noticed on my most recent visits that the London food scene is much more eclectic and vastly better than when I lived in East Anglia back in the mid-’70s. Since then, the dining choices there have improved many fold.

  7. You have made me too hungry! It’s lunch time in the U.S., but nothing in my kitchen looks as good as the food in your photos!

  8. roweeee says:

    Hi Mugen,
    Thanks for liking and visiting my blog. Food looks great. We have a real variety of foods available in Sydney too. It’s quite a melting pot. Best wishes,

  9. I want to go to London so badly. Maybe in a few years…

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