NETHERLANDS – Overnight Cruise

There are so many ways to travel from London to Amsterdam. Trains and flights are the most common mode of transport but there is another mode of transport to Amsterdam. That’s by ferry or some sort of overnight cruise. This is an oldest way of crossing English channel.

My wife and I took this ferry from Harwich, England to Hock of Holland. The journey cost us £99 per person.

The ferry sailing time was at 11pm, but we arrived 3 hours early.

By sailing to Holland, we avoid airport tussle, save on expensive hotels and also help reduce Co2 emissions. Happy!.

This ferry is like a floating hotel, it has over 1,400 beds, and private cabin for all passenger with en suite toilet & shower, satellite TV, free WiFi internet access, power sockets for mobiles or laptop, and soap, shampoo/shower gel, towels & bedding all provided.

Our cabin.


20130322-131122.jpg The cabin is very clean, comfortable and the water pressure at shower was good.

20130322-131345.jpg Long passageway between cabins.

At Cafeteria.

20130322-132254.jpg Rice with chicken curry. Besides cafeteria, there are also wine bar, cinema, casino and money changing service.

20130322-134623.jpg The sailing was smooth and we arrived at Hock of Holland around 8am.

20130322-134832.jpg The train station are just next to ferry terminal.

20130322-135434.jpg The ferry fare are included of train ticket to Amsterdam.

20130322-135803.jpg At Rotterdam train station.

It was great experience, cost effective, comfortable and a memorable way to travel to Holland.

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8 Responses to NETHERLANDS – Overnight Cruise

  1. seanossu says:

    That Ferry looks amazing!

    • mugenblog says:

      Hi Seanossu,

      Thanks for our comment. Oh! Yes . The interior of the ferry is really awesome. It is reported, more young professionals travel by this ferry. Have a good day.. Cheers..

      • seanossu says:

        I was shocked how good it looked! Im going to maybe check it out this summer. I Tweeted the post out to and a few of my friends were talking about it.

        Keep up the good work!

    • mugenblog says:

      Thanks Seanossu,

      I hope you and tour friends will enjoy the journey on this ferry.

  2. onnovocks says:

    Hi Mugen, I made that same crossing in the late 70’s. Judging by your pictures a lot has changed and the ferry’s interior is much nicer than the ship I was on, I may have to make that crossing again. Take Care,…O.

    • Mugen says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your comment. The whole journey is very comfortable, you will definitely enjoy the journey.. Have a good days and stay connected… Cheers..

  3. I’ve been thinking of doing this ferry trip for a while. Now I;ve seen your cabin I’m definitely doing it! Thank you for such a useful post. Alison (10000 Miles & More).

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