We were there in October and had windy weather on all 4 days of our stay, except for 1/2 day of sudden heavy rain. Anyway, we’re lucky, there was no continuous rain and no flood at that time. Flooding has become a regular phenomena in recent days. Rising sea level, heavy rain and high tides, sinking Venice city day by day in the sea and environmentalist predict by the end of 2035 the entire city will be in the sea.

Expert says, if global warming continuous to rise, this great city will remain as a museum in future days.


Residential area near our B&B. According to recent research, the population is declining from 70,000 in 1996 to 58,000 in 2011. Many Venetians are migrating to mainland Italy, due to high cost of living and no opportunities for businesses and jobs.


On the 2nd day of our trip we visited fish market.


This fish market and product market, which combined make up the Rialto Market. have been located here since the 11th century. This is an exciting venue with which to mix with the local Venetians and bustle of daily Venetian life here is much more exciting to view than the hustle and bustle of the tourists crowding the nearby Rialto Bridge.


Fruit and vegetable market.


Shops around market areas.


Toilets are expensive and there is toilet pass available for tourist. We didn’t buy the pass, it not worth.


Unique…. Traffic light on sea.


Here some of my tips for those who are on extreme budget:-

1). Don’t purchase travel-card, instead explore Venice on foot.

2). Don’t eat at restaurants, instead buy some ready made pizza and fast food from local supermarkets.

3). Don’t stay in the hotel, instead stay in B&B.

4). Don’t take gondola on sunny day, instead take gondola once the sky is darker. I mean before rain it’s cheaper. Check weather forecast.

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16 Responses to VENICE 2

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Good tips, and love the final photo!

  2. ioniamartin says:

    I love those outdoor markets! You can find the coolest stuff that you wouldn’t ever expect:) Great post!

  3. tutankhamon61 says:

    Interesting journey. Thank you!

  4. Joy says:

    Venice is such a beautiful city – will be a shame if it ends up completely under water one day…great pictures and fun post to read. Thanks for the “like” on my page by the way…

    • Mugen says:

      Hi Joy,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, Venice is really beautiful but sad, the city is in very fragile state.

  5. almondnuts says:

    Good tips. I would like to visit Venice one day. Italian pizza is the best, even though you buy it in the small food stall, it’s taste better than the one in the expensive restaurant:-)

    • Mugen says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your comment. Italian pizza is very nice, there is also Halal pizza in venice. You will definitely like it.

  6. Planning a trip to Italy someday, so am loving your photos and tips!
    Looks like you’re having a great time.

  7. LJ Innes says:

    That was great – I feel like I’ve been to Italy – finally! Thanks. And thanks for liking my photo blog which is kind of becoming a travel blog as well LOL. Travelling rocks!

  8. rachelohmg says:

    Great photos! Makes me want to venture out to Italy again!

  9. soooky says:

    I’ve been to Venice, It was in 2010!
    And I really enjoy this amazing Town!
    You’re photos are beautiful, particulary you’re last!


  10. Lim See Yee says:

    Hello! Great Post !
    See this too:

    or following me…=)

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