Back in the spring of 2010, my mother, sister and myself travel from Frankfurt to Interlaken by train, it was my first journey by speed train in Europe. The whole experience was amazing and up to certain extend I was addicted to train travels. Since then, I always try to include train journeys in all my Europe trips. The following are some of the photos I took while travel on Europe trains.

This is ICE train in Germany. We travel from Frankfurt to Interlaken. The train is clean, comfortable and there is also a dining cafe.

20130408-091039.jpg This is Thalys train, another high-speed train in Europe. We travel from Amsterdam to Paris. All the train tickets, I bought directly from respective train operators website, direct online purchase always give me good price compare with rail-passes and most of the websites offer good discount if we purchase in advance but the discounts always come with non-refundable and non-exchangeable conditions. I always do calculation and compare the online fare with rail passes and it is always challenging to buy the best discounted tickets, but anyway the extra hard work help me to save some cash.

Compare with rail pass, it always risk to buy point to point tickets, if we missed the train we need to purchase new ticket which is always double the original price. Anyway, I like to take some risk, it’s fun and adventures.

20130408-094501.jpg This is 1st class train in Switzerland and swiss trains are always the best train in Europe. Based on my experience, I have to say that trains are the most convenient ways to travel across Europe and with scenic route, comfortable interior, and hussle free environments always give me some sort of romantic feeling.

20130408-095214.jpg These are some other types of trains in Switzerland. Trains are one of the main transport in Switzerland and train ride are always expensive here compare with other part of Europe. Anyway, Swiss tourism offer Swiss passes for tourist to maximise train ride with cost-effectively. After careful calculation I bought Swiss pass, there are many type of passes and I bought Flexi-Pass due to buy one free one offer.

20130408-105902.jpg This is Trenitalia, an Italian train. We travel from Venice to Basel. When comparing about the cost of travelling in europe, once I was tempted to buy an airline ticket (Ryanair) which was cheaper than trains, however I choose train after realising most train rides leads directly to the heart of the city unlike airports where still have to travel some distance to go to the city centre.

20130408-112415.jpg This is double-decker train in Netherlands.

I realised, the journey itself become more important than the destination. Most of the journeys give me space and opportunity to be in meditative state, furthermore the whole environment is just perfect for siting silence. My next train journey probably will be around north Europe and Russia.

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  1. billgncs says:

    I love traveling by train. The TGV in France is my favorite

    • Mugen says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your comment. I heard, now TGV have special train for youths. The night train have bar and pub.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, and in so doing, introducing me to yours. I especially like your theme line: Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind.

  3. Anna says:

    I liked your post and I’m glad you enjoyed traveling around Europe by train. I inter railed around Europe a few years ago. It was so much fun and so many great cities to visit. I agree with you about the journey being as important as the destination. You get to see a lot more of Europe going by train rather than flying. Thank you for sharing your experiences

    • Mugen says:

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, going by train we got to see hidden Europe, especially the countryside. Have a good days… Stay connected…

  4. Q says:

    I love the pictures of Europe’s different trains! Such a special mode of transportation, I’ve always loved them when going through Europe.

  5. Bici Love says:

    Train travel is beautiful in Europe. I also travelled on the Thalys and Ice trains love them. I took an overnight train from London UK up to Inverness Scotland that was a beautiful ride through the Highlands, but very long 12 hours on Scotrail. Happy travels

    • Mugen says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your comment. I have never take any night trains… may be I should try Scotrail on my next London trip… Scotland is a beautiful place… Thanks for sharing…

  6. RDoug says:

    Once took the TGV from Geneva (after viewing the annual auto show ā€” something worth two or three blogs alone) to Paris. Fantastic trip and very high speed.

  7. I went through Eastern last October via trains and had a wonderful experience and took lots of photos. Great way to travel through Europe!

  8. Cathy Laws says:

    Your vacation looks and sounds like a lot of fun, i’ve traveled to europe buyt never made it to venice. thanks for checking out my blog btw!! hope you have a nice weekend šŸ™‚

    • Mugen says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for your comment. Travelling always fun for me and I hope one day you will visit Venice. Have a good days and cheers…

  9. Very nice blogs, the pics are very lively and full of happiness.

  10. roweeee says:

    Loved the train ride. Showed my husband…a train fanatic.Great photography. We live in Australia and don’t see snow overed mountains like this. Best wishes,

    • Mugen says:

      Hi Rowena,

      Thanks for your comment and appreciation…I was in Brisbane and Gold Coast on last September, I really enjoyed visiting Australia. Have a good days, cheers…

      • Rowena says:

        You’re welcome. Great to hear you’ve been to Australia. I love sharing my beautiful country with people, even if they can only get her via my blog, it’s at least a taste. I do the same visiting other people’s blogs.
        I hope you’re having a great week!
        xx Rowena

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