New York City is beautiful city, everything is so uniques; the yellow cabs, the subway, hotdog stalls, neon lights in Times Square, the skyscrapers and many more.

Times Square

We visited New York in February’13. We flew from Singapore to NYC with Qatar Airways, it’s a 26hours flight (including 6hours of transit in Doha). Why Qatar Airways? Because best airfare ($1,600) and Qatar airway is one of the youngest and most modern fleet of aircraft.

FotorCreatedThe in-flight entertainment are good but food are not nice. (SQ food still the best).

Airport Snow

View from flight before touchdown at JKF airport. Our plane landed in JKF airport at 4pm. It was a winter season, temperature was around -5°c. In New York City winter starts normally from December until late March/early April and during this time of year winter storm are very common.

We took yellow cab from JKF to our hotel located in Lower Manhattan, it cost us $50 flat rate. It is a reasonable price. Our driver was very courteous and it didn’t take long for us to realize why there was such an impressive quantity of taxis in NYC – they truly are a convenient way to get around!

Snow Mugen

The next day we encounter snowfall. It was really cold outside. Every step I take feels like I’m crunching the snow below my boots. Everything was covered in white flakes, it was so beautiful.

Snow Storm

Heavy snowfall.


After heavy snow, the next day we had a good weather.


A view from Brooklyn bridge. This is Brooklyn neighbourhoods, the most populous county in New York.


Beatiful place to visit. Manhattan Bridge. We walked to the other side and took a lot of pictures all the way.


The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the iconic NYC landmark. The bridge is actually much bigger than it looks. My wife and I basically walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Seeing and crossing the bridge is a fantastic way to see the New York skyline.


Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883.


View from Brooklyn Bridge.


Manhattan Bridge.

IMG_9341 2

Times Square, NYC.

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